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Sunday, February 20, 2011

No Reason For Any Human Being to Celebrate 150th Anniversary of America's Civil War

Reading a piece in the LAWRENCE (KS) JOURNAL-WORLD written by Leonard Pitts Jr. regarding this nation's 150th anniversary of The Civil War and the comments thereafter got me to thinking...

In the Final Analysis- there's not really a whole lot Americans can celebrate regarding the history of our nation- in reality- our existence is based on fraud- killing and taking.

We made deals with the Natives who already were on our lands when the white man floated over- then defaulted on those deals and/or ran those Natives off and killed them.

Land owners made deals with rulers of other countries for slave labor- and brought them here to work the land for the landowners.

When those peoples wanted to experience the very ideals this country was supposedly founded on- freedom from tyranny- oppression- etc.- many railed against that idea and the peoples that wanted it.

In short- the "haves" have ALWAYS wanted to subjugate the "have nots-" if for no other reason- to maintain their privileged standard of existence.

Woe be it the ones on the ground wanting to climb the ladder of betterment.

I find a lot of solace and re-enforcement of my soul in music- and some lyrics in one of my all-time favorite songs said it best:

"We satisfy our endless needs
 and justify our bloody deeds,
In the name of destiny
and the name of God...."

 We can re-write and whitewash our history all we want- but the truth will stain with innocents' blood and cover with the dirt of a thousand graves- every lie.


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