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Sunday, February 20, 2011

List of KC-MO Mayorial and City Council Candidates

Here is a list of the candidates running in Tuesday's KC-MO primary election.

Those candidates in green are incumbents- those candidates in bold red are endorsed by Capt. Spaulding's World.

Kansas City Mayor

Sylvester “Sly” James

Henry Klein

Mark Funkhouser

Deb Hermann  

Mike Burke

James “Jim” Rowland

1st District At Large

Scott Wagner

Daina Kennedy

1st District
Richard F. Davis

2nd District At Large

Ed Ford

Allen Dillingham

2nd District
Russ Johnson

Robert A. Benefield

3rd District At Large

Melba Curls

Brandon Ellington

Durwin Rice

Carol J. Gatlin

3rd District

Michael Fletcher

Jermaine Reed

Sharon Sanders Brooks

4th District At Large

John Crawford

Anne McGregor

Edward Pace

Jim Glover

Annie Presley

4th District

Jan Marcason

Mona Lyne

5th District At Large

Cindy Circo

Richard “Charlie” Angel

Mahlon Davis Jr.

5th District

Kenneth T. Bacchus

W. Ruth Turner

Michael Brooks

Ron Dean Birmingham

6th District At Large

Michael R. Brown

Scott Taylor

Ricky Earl Abel

Tracy Ward

Chuck Eddy

Edward Fields

Delmira Quarles

MD Rabbi Alam

6th District

Terrence Nash

John A. Sharp



Anonymous said...

Why not endorse Terrence Nash for 6th district. He has a good shot at winning and ending the Eddy-Sharp era of old fartism in 6th district representation.

Bayazid is not on the ballot.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Sorry- it took me awhile JUST to make the list of candidates to post- then people drop-out- are declared ineligible- etc. etc..

Nash was a former councilperson wasn't he?

I'm tired of ANY same old-same old and really want all new blood in political offices.

Really though- today- I'm tired of all of it and hope I have the strength to vote at all Tuesday.

Thanks for commenting tho...


Anonymous said...

There was a TROY Nash that was on the council when Rowland was on there. This is TERRENCE Nash who has never held a political office - unlike his opponent who is a career politician. Nash has been involved with neighborhood issues for many years and doesn't believe in all the big glitzy projects most politicians support. He believes in focusing on our neighborhoods and making them as livable as we all deserve.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Go NASH! We need a new generation to save south KC from what John Sharp and his 12 years on the council have done to us.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked at Sharp's campaign disclosure forms? I think he'll be beholden to every attorney and construction company in KC.

Tracy Ward said...

Many gracious thank yous for the support!! I've enjoyed your blog and I certainly hope that you have the energy to get out and vote tomorrow. I know I'm tuckered out!
Much love and liberty,
Tracy Ward

Anonymous said...

There is a new wordpress blog all about John Sharp and his personal history. Voters should have a look before next Tuesday's election. I didn't know about any of this!