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Monday, February 21, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Significant Earthquake Strikes Christchurch New Zealand

The USGS is reporting a 6.3-magnitude earthquake has struck very near one of New Zealand's largest cities- Christchurch.

The quake happened at 12:51 p.m. Tuesday New Zealand time- or 5:51 p.m. this evening Kansas City time.

Radio New Zealand reports "multiple fatalities" there- including "2 busses crushed by falling buildings."

Prayers go out to my Bearshare chat friends there- as well as all the good people of that island nation east of Australia.



Anonymous said...

Been following that as well so far reports are so far slowin coming out.

Anonymous said...

In fact the earth today was very active

Groucho K. Marx said...

You know what?

On top of all those small quakes in Arkansas- I'm seeing more and more small ones in SoCal.

I'm wondering if the San Andreas is getting ready to pop too....


Anonymous said...

Well I was checking readings a bit ago and the past few days it has exploded with activity. So far the stuff in Arkansas is staying deep down but noticed a few in California creeping closer to the surface. You are maybe very right about another major one. Hope not but the earth seems to be having a bad case of indigestion here of late.

Anonymous said...

In Baja Sunday was a 4.5 reading that was deep but was felt and reported by 484 people. A 3.2 in LA Saturday was reported by 664 people and was more to the surface than the Baja one. You know since I have been watching this earthquake activity some I have seen places listed I wouldn't dream of thinking they would have earthquakes. Last Friday just offshore Alabama had a 3.5 that got a 130 responses from people.