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Monday, March 05, 2012

Rural Kentucky Fire Department Watches Tornado-Bearing Storm That Destroys Fire Station

As the Tornadoes of March 2, 2012 destroyed Henryville and the small burg of Marysville, Indiana- the people who lived downstream from those areas watched the approaching storms nervously- knowing that people were already dead or dying from the previous strikes.

Among those people watching the oncoming storm was the chief of a mostly rural fire district- Milton KY Fire and Rescue- located in Trimble County across the Ohio River from Madison, Indiana.

Milton F & R's chief- Jason Long- had a video camera mounted on the dash of his fire department's SUV.

That camera was running the whole time Chief Long got the tornado warning for Trimble county and during the subsequent harrowing minutes when the same storm that produced the Henryville and Marysville tornado came calling in northern Kentucky.

Shown here will be only be Parts 1 through 3 of the chief's eight-part series of storm-related content.

The tornado itself appears only briefly in Part 1 (about the 12 minute mark- Images 1 and 2 shown here) and Part 2 (at the 1:36 minute mark- Image 3 shown here)- then the destroyed fire station Number 2 of Milton Fire and Rescue is shown in Part 3.

Chief Jason Long has a YouTube page for his department and the remainder of the storm/tornado-damage videos from that day- linked HERE.

Please go there- or to Milton Fire and Rescue's Facebook page if you would like to make a comment- or perhaps a donation to their fire protection district which is supported ONLY by dues-paying citizens of Trimble county Kentucky.

Your 'Captain' salutes all the caring and dedicated volunteer fire and EMS organizations across America!

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