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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ecological Disaster Underway in Gulf of Mexico- Courtesy of British Petroleum

orty-two thousand gallons of oil per day continues to pump unabated into the Gulf of Mexico from last week's explosion of a British Petroleum (BP) oil rig off the Louisiana coast.

Eleven died- but hundreds and perhaps thousands of people are about to be affected by the oil slick- now reported to be a hundred miles long and nearly 50 miles wide.

This is an ecological disaster in the making- one that could well exceed the damage caused by the Exxon Valdez in Alaska in 1989.

It could take "months" to cap the oil leak from beneath the destroyed oil platform.

Now- BP and the Coast Guard want to "burn-off" the oil slick to prevent it from spreading onto beaches from northeastern Texas all the way to Florida.

So- in addition to the WATER pollution- we'll now have huge black clouds of oily smoke polluting the AIR along those areas of the Gulf coast.

Geez- let's open even MORE areas of sensitive environment to oil drilling....

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