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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

As European Countries Go Bankrupt- Bad Time To Be in American Stock Market

f course with American investment firms ripping-off their clientele- now's not a good time to be IN the American stock market just for that reason.

But looking across The Big Pond- we see the nation of Greece about to declare bankruptcy with Portugal right behind them.

The so-called "recovery" from America's "recession (Depression)" had begun only in banks that invested badly and were bailed-out handsomely by American tax dollars.

The banks turned around and raised their fees and credit card interest rates- screwing the American taxpayer TWICE.

Well-paying manufacturing jobs continue to leave for Third-World countries- American workers continue to see layoffs- pay-freezes and more work since there's less workers.

There is NO job security in the U.C.S.A..

You BEST hold on TIGHT to what you have now- liquidate ANY outside investments- and pray like MAD the tidal wave from Europe diminishes before it hits America.

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