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Thursday, February 21, 2013

CSW BREAKING: Train vs. Car Crash in Platte County MO

At 10:54 am- Platte county and KC-MO Fire and EMS units were sent to a reported "car versus train" crash at "M-45 and M-45 Spur."

This is about a mile or two east of the Leavenworth KS Centennial bridge over the Missouri River.

Two injuries were reported in the car- a person with "a head injury" and another who was termed "walking wounded."

At 11:27 am- Southern Platte FPD units on-scene was reporting the "AMR" ambulance was "just arriving." 

At 11:55 am (just over an hour since the original dispatch)- "AMR-502" was "transporting an approximately 50-year-old male" with "head" and other injuries- in serious to critical condition- to North Kansas City hospital.

No further heard on the 2nd "waking wounded" patient that was also in the car that was "T-boned" by a train- according to AMR's med report.

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