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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Morning Fires Damage Homes in the Two Kansas Citys- Lee's Summit MO

Three house fires one each in Kansas City KS and MO and another in Lee's Summit have left one injured and at least one-half dozen people homeless...

The first fire monitored by CSW was shortly after midnight Sunday morning at 1503 North 18th Street.

The fire- in a house converted into a duplex- was first discovered by a patrolling KC-KS police officer at 12:05 am..

Six KCKFD companies responded- and reported "heavy fire showing" by 12:11 am..

Four minutes later- the fire chief reported a male fire victim "across the street" from the burning house- which had spread to the house to the north at 1505 North 18th Street..

That fire victim was reported by KCK-EMS as "a 55-year-old male with burns to 25 to 30-percent of his upper body" the paramedic said.

The man was taken to the University of Kansas (KU) Medical Center and was in non life-threatening condition during the ambulance transport.

The fire continued to burn- and was not declared "out" until 2:31 am..

No other injuries were reported- the duplex was virtually destoyed and the house at 1505 damaged.

The cause was being investigated and two other adults in addition to the injured man needed Red Cross assistance...

The second fire was in eastern KC-MO.

That blaze was dispatched to five fire companies at 3:07 am to "8803 East 49th Street.

Upon arrival at 3:13 am- FD Pumper 39 reports "fire showing from a back bedroom" of a "1-story" house.

At least two handlines were used on that fire- brought under control about 20 minutes later.

No reported injuries here- but again "two adults" were displaced by the fire- the cause of which was under investigation.

The last house fire was in Lee's Summit's Raintree Lake subdivision in the south part of that city.

At 3:20 am- four companies of the LSFD were sent to "400 Southwest Seagull Street" where "neighbors" reported a house on fire.

A LSPD officer arrived at 3:26 am- and reported that the house was "fully-engulfed" in flames..

There were no cars in the driveway of the burning house- nor any occupants outside when police and fire crews arrived.

A "1st-Alarm" was sounded- sending two additional fire companies to the scene- while crews at the fire fought the flames from outside.

The fire was reported under control just before 4 am with no firefighter injuries reported.

South Metro and Central Jackson County fire departments sent crews to LSFD empty fire stations for coverage.

It was later determined that the family who lives there was away from the home when the fire broke out.

No cause has been determined- and the house was virtually destroyed.

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