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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Central States Winter Storm Update 2

This one is for the weather skeptics... the long-forecasted winter storm has arrived- with a vengeance...

Seven inches of snow has already fallen here in south KC-MO near the old Bannister Mall area.

There has even been 'thundersnow' here.

Traffic is moving slowly or not at all on even Metro freeways.  

The 'KC SCOUT' traffic Web site is (again) useless- it is very hard to even get INTO the site- let alone find out what highways and freeways are closed.

KCI Airport is closed- unknown when the airport will reopen.

Fire trucks and ambulances are having trouble making calls.

A house fire in Parkville occurred around 9:35 am this morning at 7216 North Oak Drive.

Firefighters had trouble finding fire hydrants- and at least one truck responding to the fire was severely delayed by stuck drivers.

No one was injured in the fire- but the home was heavily damaged.

Ice is the problem south of us- Springfield and Branson is experiencing an ice storm of freezing rain.

Travel is NOT advised in either Metro Kansas City or an about 100 mile radius.

If you do not absolutely HAVE to drive anywhere today- don't!

The one piece of GOOD news- weather radar shows a back edge of the snow not far to our west and southwest.

The snowfall SHOULD begin to taper off in the next two hours or so.

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