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Thursday, February 21, 2013

CSW BREAKING: Fire Dept. Involved in Crash and House Fire in KC-KS

The first incident is a house fire in the 1200 block of Shawnee Avenue in Kansas City KS..

The alarm was dispatched at 2:51 pm and when fire crews began arriving at 2:57 pm- they reported "fire from front to back" of "a 1-story" house there.

Seven fire companies are battling the fire- which threatens a house next door to the west.

At 3:09 pm- an injury was reported at the fire scene- but EMS hadn't arrived yet due to being "stuck in snow."

That injured person- according to KC-KS "EMS-3" was "a 53-year-old male who was inside the house" and was suffering a fairly-serious case of smoke inhalation.

The man was transported to KU Medical Center.

The FD reports "3" persons displaced by the fire and needing "Red Cross" assistance..

The fire was still not under control an hour after dispatch.

At 3:05 pm- a KC-KS fire department administrative person became involved in a crash "on Leavenworth Road at I-635."

Injuries have been reported there too and one person involved in the crash "ran from the scene" according to FD radio at 3:16 pm..

None of the injuries here were life-threatening.

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