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Sunday, March 06, 2011

CSW Weather: Another Late-Winter Storm Looms for Central States

Beginning as early as Monday- a developing late-winter storm system will sweep from the southwest and bring snow to the north and west- and severe storms with possible tornadoes to the southern Central States.

A National Weather Service (NWS) Winter Weather Advisory is already in effect for much of Nebraska- and a Winter Storm Watch has been posted for Monday over parts of northwest and north-central Kansas as well as parts of Nebraska and Colorado.

As the storm moves northeast out of Oklahoma on Tuesday- rain- rain showers and embedded thunderstorms will have developed over much of MetroRegion Kansas City.

Snowfalls of 4 to 8-inches are possible in a swath from northwest and north-central Kansas- through eastern and southeastern Nebraska into northeast Iowa.

Rainfalls of 1-2 inches are possible over those parts of the MetroRegion already experiencing saturated soils and/or flooding- threatening new rises in creek and stream levels.

At this time- it appears any changeover from rain to a frozen-type precip would occur late Tuesday or early next Wednesday morning.

Severe thunderstorms are possible Tuesday over the southern Central States- from east and southeastern Oklahoma and much of Arkansas- severe storms are also possible in surrounding areas of Texas and Louisiana.

By mid-week- all the precipitation will shift to the Ohio River Valley and worsen flooding issues there.


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