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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Central States News: New Tulsa OK Bridge To Nowhere?

Artists' renderings of proposed construction projects are mostly fun to look at.

But this rendering of a proposed bridge in Tulsa- according to The TULSA (OK) WORLD appears to be a bit frightening.

If the artist rendering is close to resembling the finished product- I would NOT want to be:

1. On the bullet train-
2. Driving or being a passenger in any one of the 3 vehicles on top or
3. The pedestrian about to take a long drop and a swim....



Superdave said...

Contractors will build the rail lines - which will run on the bridge's lower level - to accommodate high-speed rail, in case such traffic is ever needed into or out of Tulsa.

Isn’t this sort of like buying the cart before the horse? And at 64 million I sure don’t see a real bargain there.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Superdave said: "...And at 64 million I sure don’t see a real bargain there."

Especially for what appears by artist rendering as half a bridge!