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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Owners of Blighted KC-MO Northland Shopping Center Wants More Welfare From KC-MO Taxpayers

Less than a month before KC-MO's unpopular Earnings Tax goes to voters- another developer has come hat in hand for more KC-MO taxpayer money.

Developers of the mostly-shuttered Antioch Center are looking for more tax incentives before finishing an already-promised demolition of that property.

Never mind that in 2005- KC-MO city politicians (that includes several incumbent councilpeople wanting re-election)- approved more than $30-million in corporate welfare for new development of the Antioch Center site.

Then-owner of the site- New York-based Eastbourne Investments- let the property deteriorate further then sold the site last September to Kansas City-based Antioch Redevelopment Partners LLC- according to the KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL.

It is the new owners who want the further tax breaks/incentives/taxpayer-provided corporate welfare.

This development comes out around the same time that owners of the failed Bannister Mall properties seek and are getting approval from Councilperson John Sharp for more corporate welfare for yet another "plan" for that prime acreage near the Grandview freeway triangle.

All this taxpayer-provided welfare REALLY makes me wonder just how much the City of Kansas City MO NEEDS an "Earnings Tax-" except to provide further taxpayer monies to corporate interests.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tell the new owners to go see a bank.

Tell them well they want money from has dried up.

Tell them to suck it up and put their own money into it and stop bleeding the taxpayers for it.

Tell them if they have so much faith in the new center then they should not be worried about getting THEIR OWN MONEY BACK.