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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Incumbent Councilperson Candidate Sharp All For New Bannister Mall-area Taxpayer Robbery Plan

There is yet ANOTHER redevelopment plan for the formerly well-developed Bannister Mall area that involves the same-old song and dance with councilperson John Sharp- who wants YOU to RE-ELECT him until he dies.

The song is retail and the dance is with taxpayer money: more corporate welfare for building retail in the venue that USED to be a vibrant retail area- the former Bannister Mall environs.

The retail song got to where it didn't play there once but no matter- developers don't mind taking taxpayer handouts to try it again.

The dance didn't last either- the Wizards soccer team took their stadium- and the FORMER re-development plan of the Bannister Mall area to Kansas- where THEIR taxpayers gave them some corporate welfare of thier own.

The John Sharp/Chuck Eddy tag team of councilpersons made the Bannister Mall area what is is today: a bumpy divided 4-lane Chuck Eddy Drive (Hillcrest Road) surrounded on both sides by weed-infested vacant parking lots- land- deteoriating old retail buildings (save 2 retailers still eeking out survival on the east side of Eddy) and other closed establishments on the area's perimeter.

A relocated Fire Station 41 is the only thing newer than last century is that entire area.

Council re-election candidate Sharp is all for the new plan and the new corporate welfare for it's flighty developers.

At least Chuck Eddy LOST his bid for an at-large council redux.

I say if the developers can't do what they want to do with THEIR OWN MONEY- grade it ALL level- re-dirt and re-seed the properties back to the pastureland it was 40 years ago.

Another reason KC-MO needs 1% of your earnings....



Anonymous said...

Yes a huge grassy area only park sounds nice. Make it all nice brome hay maybe. Then the zoo can bail it all to use for animal feed.

Groucho K. Marx said...


Fence part of it off all we can put old councilpersons out to graze there.

I could make a bundle selling peanuts to the crowds that flock there to scare their children- especially on such a lovely day today is...

Get some SUN SuperD ... ;)


Anonymous said...

Better yet.....lets give it to Benjamin Ranch and make it....lets see here oh ok I got it.

The Wild West is back in Kansas City where it once started from.

Come out to the ranch see how it was 150 years ago. Where horses do the work and cowboys guide the horses.

Take a hayride or a stagecoach ride. If riding a horse is your pleasure we have the place just for you.

For you adults who like it on the wilder side we have the Benjamin Saloon where you can belly up to the bar if you want or do a little gambling as well if the urge hits.

Then step next door to the Benjamin Dance Hall and dance the night away to you favorite old western dances.

Yeeee Haaaa Howdy There Partner does this not sound like fun?

Well sorry we live in Kansas City where real fun isn't an option.

Well now back to reality we go.
Later....we gone.......bye bye.

z28chevyl48 said...

This just in. St Joseph has allowed TIF financing to re-open the Pony Express !!! LOL

Anonymous said...

While I personally like Super Dave's idea, everyone should know that the owner of Benjamin Ranch lives in California. The Benjamins were never community friendly and sold out long ago.

In fact, the old master plan for the Wizards (which might still be in effect) was to get rid of the ranch so the dirt could be used to fill in the WalMart area.

Anonymous said...

Here is a novel idea vote for Terrance Nash and tell your 6th District friends to do the same.

Groucho K. Marx said...

It surely would HAVE to be friends voting for Mr. Nash- for when the council districts were re-draw- we went to the 5th.

Tracy Ward is the best candidate in the 5th or 6th- she's flat-out against corporate welfare.

Anonymous said...

I think Nash is equally against corporate welfare, and he has the track record to prove it.

He also has the analytical skills and training to recognize a scam when he sees one.

Anonymous said...

Well, we certainly know Cathy Jolly's husband would vote for all the corporate welfare that Sharp does. Scott Taylor doesn't have a clue about anything. He's just running to continue his wife's legacy whatever that might be. In fact, she set him up for it in her "I'm sorry but I'm not going to run again letter".

Anonymous said...

Residents of Kansas City should be ashamed forever voting Jolly into office in the first place.

I have seen firsthand just the kind of person she really is.

the observer said...

Empty suit Mr. Jolly is not getting my vote!

As to the mall site, my opinion concurs with much of the above.

Anonymous said...

There is a new wordpress blog all about John Sharp and his personal history. Voters should have a look before next Tuesday's election. I didn't know about any of this!