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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

BREAKING (Good) NEWS: More Than 2-Million Metro Kansas Citians Survive Monday

Ms. Rittenhouse likes to listen to Christian radio in the mornings before work- specifically K-Love.

Much like an increasing number of TV newscasts- K-Love likes to air positive- uplifting news during the morning drive-time.

So in keeping with something positive from me to you- here we go...

Out of a Metro population of around 2.1 million- more than 2 million Kansas Citians survived Monday.

Many report nothing out of the ordinary happened yesterday- no losses- violence- injury or death.

Local authorities expressed no suprise that a GREAT majority of people had nothing go terribly wrong on Monday.

Spokespeople had guarded optimism that Tuesday would be an even better day for more than 95% of the population (after all- it SHOULD get into the 50's today!).

CSW won't have any updates on this continued optimism....

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