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Sunday, February 27, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Shooting Victims in Both Kansas Citys

Two males suffered gunshot wounds in Kansas City MO & KS Sunday morning.

The first victim was "dropped-off" at Truman Medical Center-Hospital Hill around 3 a.m..

He was described at "a black male" who was "shot in the left buttocks- at an unknown location" with no suspect information.

A police officer who went to the hospital said the victim's injuries "appeared to be non life-threatening."

Around 3:20 a.m.- another male shooting victim apparently drove up to a gas station at North 5th Street and Armstrong.

 That male was shot just below his left shoulder- according to a KC-KS FD-EMS paramedic- and he was taken to that city's medical trauma center.

Police didn't have any suspect information- as it wasn't known at what location this victim was shot prior to driving to the gas station for help.


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