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Sunday, February 27, 2011

CSW BREAKING WEATHER: Flash Flooding a Concern in Metro Kansas City

Strong to severe thunderstorms with heavy rains on top of the melting snow and ice cover could produce- at the least- local flash flooding on small creeks and streams for the next several hours.

Water over roadways has been reported in Miami county KS per sheriff's radio comms- also in Lawrence and the NWS has JUST issued a Flash Flood warning for Douglas and Franklin counties..

More thunderstorms are developing in central and south central Kansas- where there is now a Tornado Watch.

PLEASE use caution while driving!

1 comment:

the observer said...

I'm at church, 137th and Roe and it is lightening and thundering and just POURING! Driving here at 1300 it was quarter to 1/8th mile visibility in fog.

Everyone be careful out there.