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Friday, March 04, 2011

Independence MO Pollys Approve Taxpayer-Provided Corporate Welfare Without Taxpayer Comment

It is things like this that non-voting taxpayers actually deserve- my condolences to the rest of you...

According to the INDEPENDENCE-BLUE SPRINGS-GRAIN VALLEY (and Sibley?) EXAMINER- the Independence city council approved- without public discussion- a payment out of city (taxpayer) coffers of $3.5-million to make the bond payment on "The Falls at Crackerneck-" a retail devolpment on the southwest corner of the Interstate 70/470-M-291 interchange.

Apparently the developer was "unable to make (the bond) payment-" nor able to hock/second mortgage any of his OWN resources to do so- so he came with hand out to Independence's taxpayers.

Heh- no public discussion of the matter at the Indy council meeting...

I mean HELL- who do the taxpayers think they are?

Do they know better than Independence's politicians or the city manager- the latter once found drunk in with a woman in another suburban city's parking lot?


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