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Friday, March 04, 2011

Central States News: Tulsa Police Captain Sue to Get Out of Mosque's "Appreciation Day"

Boy- this MUST have been one tough assignment for Tulsa police Captain Paul Fields.

The TULSA (OK) WORLD reports that the Al Salam Mosque in that northeastern Oklahoma city was having a "Law Enforcement Appreciation Day" this Friday afternoon.

Captain Fields learned of the occasion last week and- according to the TW story- " filed a federal lawsuit last week claiming that his First Amendment rights were violated when he was ordered to send his officers to the open house."

The TW says "Fields refused the order, and was reassigned to a different position in the department."

One HAS to wonder if Captain Fields would have felt to same way if Baptists or maybe Catholics had a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day....


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Does the wording “Derelict of Duty” come to one’s mind after reading this.

When Capt. Fields pinned that badge on his chest as he was sworn in as an police officer he agreed as an officer of the court to uphold the laws of the land as they pertained to everyone. He as well agreed to follow orders as giving by his superiors, and to represent himself as an officer of the law to all people.

I feel Capt. Fields should be fired for insubordination and lose his pension.