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Sunday, February 27, 2011

CSW WEATHER: Metro K.C. Under First Severe T-Storm Watch of 2011

It's Severe Thunderstorm Watch Number 20- and it's valid until 9 p.m. this Sunday night.

All of Metro Kansas City is covered by this watch.

Click on the graphics for full size and all the specific information.

Other cities and towns covered in STW-20 include- in Kansas:

Wichita- Emporia- Iola- Garnett- Pleasanton- Ottawa- Topeka and Lawrence.

In Missouri:

Butler- Harrisonville- Clinton- Warrensburg- Sedalia- Marshall- Chillicothe and Boonville.

As shown on this Web camera screen capture- severe thunderstorms are already hitting downtown Wichita KS..

The latest NWS weather radar graphic from Topeka KS shows those severe storms quite well-  and they are moving northeast- generally along the Kansas Turnpike and Interstate 35- toward Metro K.C.

We'll keep you informed here at CSW on this breaking weather- the latest warnings can be found by scolling down the right information column on this blog. 



Anonymous said...

System up in Council Grove area is just light rain and some thunder per a spotter I know there.

Anonymous said...

In last 15 minutes fog has really set in visibility down to about 1/2mile.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Look out Superdave...

This baby will be on you in less than 30 minutes- "ping-pong sized hail- high winds possible!

Anonymous said...

I am ready I called Hillsdale Marina told then to be ready don't look good.

I am following real close.

Will keep you updated

Anonymous said...

Light Rain started some wind fog has more or less lifted so is close.

So about to enter center south Johnson county KS

Anonymous said...

Radar looking like we may get a double tap here but so far some thunder light rain very mild winds.
No lightning can be see at all.

No hail.

Anonymous said...

Heavy Rain pea size hail.
No wind at all.

Anonymous said...

Heavy winds moderate rain with sleet mixed at times.

Anonymous said...

Well I am more or less going to say an all clear for the time being here in the south central Johnson county area