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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Johnson County KS Voters Stay Home in Huge Numbers

You certainly couldn't blame the weather when Kansas City MO voters stayed away a couple of Tuesdays ago- and the same could be said for Johnson County KS voters yesterday.

However- a little more than five-percent of the registered voters in Metro K.C.'s "BMW County" DID make it to the polls.

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Superdave said...

You know I said this about Missouri voters a few days ago so here Johnson County and the state of Kansas the same applies to you as well.

Why people don’t vote anymore is beyond me. I remember the days when the day came around to vote it was the subject of the day.

How do people expect change to happen if they won’t take the first step?

Tuesday March 1 was a great day to get out and vote. No rain, no blizzards. Mild temps as well as being a sunny day.

Maybe we need a visible marking system on people that shows they voted in the last election. It would be a marking system that would fade just prior to the next election. Then when we hear someone complaining about how things are we can see if they even bothered to vote and if they did continue the conversation. If they didn’t then you push them away and tell they to hush they have no right to speak out about who is in office and what is going on.