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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Taxpayers to Subsidize New Retail Businesses in Raytown- St. Joseph MO

How old IS Captain Spaulding?

He is so old that back when HE was young- retail stores came to your town using their OWN money to build new stores and do business.

That is NOT the corporate model in 2011.

Raytown- in addition to a new Walmart and HyVee grocery store- will also get a Sutherland's Lumber and Aldi grocery store.

In a 2009 post- CSW told you how Raytown politicians "gave away the farm" to keep a Chinese-product retailer and MegaCorporation Walmart in their city.

Raytown's ruling elite also slapped a 9.1% sales tax on Walmart shoppers at the new store.

That higher sales tax is also being applied to recession (depression)-battered taxpayers on the new Sutherland and Aldi locations- according to Raytown resident and politico Greg Walter's blog RAYTOWN REPORT.

No break for St. Joseph taxpayers/shoppers either...

The  ST. JOSEPH (MO) NEWS-PRESS reports how taxpayers in that northwestern Missouri city are subsidizing a sporting goods store- both with a TIF ("Chapter 353 tax abatement") AND a higher sales tax.

Most residents I'm sure- particularly those who do not vote- will likely shrug-off ("meh") the higher sales taxes and subsidies to the corporations- as well as higher fuel- consumer good (food)  and utility prices....



Anonymous said...

Just going to go on record here to say The city of Raytown will never see a dime of myhard earned money.

You business owners in Raytown I am sorry to be this way but you have all sat back and allowed this to happen.

Do I feel sorry for!

St Joseph the same appylies to you as well.
Sure hate to see people I know who are against this type of action having to live there.

Oh you might also be interested to know they all want to move as soon as they can find jobs else where.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Yes Superdave ... but you forgot to mention the great pay and benefits retail workers get.

I understand some of them qualify for public assistance because of that great pay and benefits too...

But hey- where have silly ideas like unions got us except decent pay and benefits AND a standard of living.


z28chevyl48 said...

Here is a tidbit on St. Joseph. Not long ago (i'm guessing 6 months) this very land for Dick Sporting goods was rezoned to allow a local car dealership to establish itself on this exact property. No "blight" re-classification was needed then. See story here:
This used "Chapter 100" bonds for $11mil in funding. Sure this will create some jobs for some of the local college kids at $8 an hour and some revenue from sales will filter back into the local coffers. But no taxes revenues will help schools or infrastructure.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Thanx for the heads-up z28chevyl48 ... and welcome to the madness!