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Friday, March 04, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Overland Park Fire Vehicle Struck at Crash Scene

Whenever possible- I tune-up live cameras when crashes are reported on Metro Interstate highways.

You never know when something ELSE is going to happen.

Case in point a little after 7 a.m. this Friday morning: in the first images you can see a car with heavy  front end damage and an unconscious driver inside sitting in the outside lane of westbound I-435 at the Antioch Road exit in Overland Park KS..

The emergency vehicles arrive- but people are still trying to get off on the exit- when BOOM- a dark SUV strikes a fire department vehicle in the left-center of the later images shown here.

No fire department people are hurt- and minor injuries if any to the driver of the SUV.

The driver of the original car crash is more severely hurt with extrication needed to get them out- and the wbnd I-435 ramp to Antioch was closed.



Anonymous said...

I swear people become more brain dead behind the wheel every day.

We need laws that make not paying attention behind the wheel major felony offensives. You get caught speeding in a construction zone automatic loss of driving privileges for one year and a ten thousand dollar minimum fine.

Hit a park fire truck or police car with reds going and lose license for life and no less than a twenty thousand dollar to as high as a hundred thousand dollar fine.

Want to text while driving? Go ahead because in my world you lose driver’s license for a year along with a ten thousand dollar fine.

Want to talk on the phone you say as you fly down the road? Go ahead because for a year I won’t have to worry about you doing so. All you will be doing is trying to figure out how to pay that huge fine off. And I don’t mean any of this hands free junk either.

Oh get caught driving after being found guilty of above offences and whatever you was driving is impounded and your original fine doubled and lose license for life.

Like to add eating, applying makeup, shaving and reading while driving to the above offences as well.

Groucho K. Marx said...

That's why I said I watch those incidents whenever possible on cameras SD- I expect that sort of thing with all the bad driving out there.

the observer said...

Start billing people for hitting emergency vehicles.

$500,000 for a new fire truck.

$30,000 for ambulances

$25,000 for police car.

and so on. Prorated for damages of course, full freight for totally wrecked as noted above.

I don't think it will help the occurances but even small donations may help the city.

Anonymous said...

500K now days will not buy much of a piece of equipment.