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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Editorial: Why Vote When Missouri Politicians Undo Decisions?

We at CSW and some of our faithful readers lamented the low turnout of registered voters in the KC-MO primary election a couple of Tuesdays ago.

Maybe those who didn't vote were fed up with our "democratic process."

Editor Jack Miles of the WARRENSBURG (MO) DAILY STAR-JOURNAL headlines his editorial "Voters dumb chickens running willy-nilly without having heads."

The screen-cap image from his editorial proves his point- how Missouri politicians have undone what the majority of Missouri voters have decided in various propositions over recent history.

Further proof for the cynical: that no matter HOW you vote or WHO you vote for- your own decision will be turned on you in the long run.

Trouble is- Miles' editorial makes a good and strong argument in the cynic's favor.



Anonymous said...

This is probably only true due to the people letting the wrong people into office and allowing those who turn against the people to be allowed to stay.

As I have said more than once here;

Maybe we need a visible marking system on people that shows they voted in the last election. It would be a marking system that would fade just prior to the next election. Then when we hear someone complaining about how things are we can see if they even bothered to vote and if they did continue the conversation. If they didn’t then you push them away and tell they to hush they have no right to speak out about who is in office and what is going on.

Groucho K. Marx said...

I'm beyond that- I'm for the Aussie system of FINING people who don't vote.

And open the absentee system up more and run polling places 24 hours on election days to also give no excuses.