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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Ted White Case: Are Lee's Summit MO Politicians Frauds or Just Plain Stupid?

hat HAS to be the poster subjects for ignorant and/or just-plain fraudulent politicians in America- Lee's Summit's elected officials say they WON'T pay a $16-million judgement against the city brought by former resident Theodore (Ted) White.

As you can read in the KANSAS CITY STAR's coverage of this unbelievable case- Mr. White was framed on a child sexual abuse charge by a Lee's Summit police detective Richard McKinley and White's ex-wife Tina- resulting in Ted White serving a 5-year prison term.

Detective McKinley and Tina White had a love affair going at the time of Ted White's framing.

Courts- after some time- finally acquitted Ted White of the child abuse charges- but unbelievably did not and have not charged either ex-Detective McKinley or the former Mrs. White with any crime.

The City of Lee's Summit agreed to cover McKinley's damages in exchange for being dropped from Ted White's false imprisonment lawsuit- where the courts awarded Ted White $16-million in damages.

Now city officials in Lee's Summit won't pay that $16-million to falsely-accused Ted White who was wrongly imprisoned by a Lee's Summit city employee.

According to a Web site there is a rally scheduled in support of Ted White on Thursday- July 22nd at 5:00 PM at Lee’s Summit City Hall prior to the City Council meeting.

You can show your distaste for Lee's Summit politicians as well as support for Ted White.

Or- you can do as we did tonight- when going out for dinner we avoided eating in Lee's Summit- as I also plan to boycott Lee's Summit for any buisiness until their elected leaders do the right thing.

Politicians of Lee's Summit- the RIGHT THING is to pay Ted White the $16-million for your employee's criminal act of framing him for a crime White did not commit.

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