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Friday, July 23, 2010

Reason For Blue Springs' "Revenue Shortfall" Is Welfare For Developers

'm amazed daily now seeing all these governments short on cash and raising sales and property taxes to cover those shortfalls- and how absolutely NO PRESS coverage on how those entities GOT short on cash.

That part deosen't amaze me- the fact that the people in those jurisdictions seem to vote FOR those increases and let their elected ones keep issuing corporate welfare (TIFs- 353s- etc) not ONLY amazes but- quite frankly- shocks me.

It comes as no surprise to me that the City of Blue Springs MO wants their own city employees to take unpaid days off and the fact the city is laying off a few employees to balance their checkbook- according to The EXAMINER.

This after BS just last week announced ANOTHER corporate welfare project in a location where ANOTHER tax break project failed- reported here at CSW.

Another corporate welfare mecca in Blue Springs are the commercial developments around I-70 and Adams Dairy Parkway (ADP). 

Blue Springs- like elected officials damn near everywhere- use scare tactics to get voters to make up the shortfalls accrued when they give developers tax breaks and what-all and those very tax breaks end up coming out of the city's coffers when those constant "pie-in-the-sky" revenue projections for the welfare areas don't make enough.

See Kansas City's 'Power & Light' entertainment/boozing area that will take $10-15-million per year until 2033 to pay the glitzy area off.

Even more bothersome- is the Kansas City news media's lack of coverage of this fact- they'll report these fancy new projects and their made-up benefits but dance around what that project will cost taxpayers in corporate welfare to build that whatever.

Sales tax elections are threatened again in several Metro cities- two are Independence MO and KC-KS- and I'll bet you the farm that voters will probably approve them all.


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