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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

National Weather Service Radio Fails Again During Severe Weather in Kansas City

hile severe thunderstorms were rolling through Metro Kansas City during the 6 o'clock hour Tuesday evening- the National Weather Service (NWS) weather radio channel covering the 2-million-person-plus Metro K.C. went dead- again.

Remember the June 8 storm with tornado warnings and flash flooding with the CSW story that day- the last time K.C.'s NWS radio failed.

Tuesday evening- the NWS weather radio station KID-77 on 162.550 mhz went dead for about an hour- from around 6 p.m. unitl 7 p.m.

This was AFTER a tornado had been spotted by the public in the area of Cyclone (Heh) Lane and Colborn Road east of Lake Jacomo around 5:38 p.m..

Fire crews and law enforcement found no damage from that reported brief touchdown.


This hasn't been a MAJOR issue- yet- since the 2 failures occurred when most people were awake and the TV and radio news had live people on duty.

However- if the K.C. office of the NWS doesn't get a permanent fix on this radio outage issue- the results could be deadly if we get another middle-of-the-night storm like back in May of 2008.

Just FYI- I quit solely relying on the government warning me or mine of severe weather back on April 19- 1966 and I stay awake (and posting here) if severe weather threatens in the dead of night....

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