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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Man Stabbed 7 Times in Kansas City MO Motel

This call came in at 11:17 p.m. Friday night- a reported stabbing in a room at the infamous Capri Motel at 600 Paseo...

Police arrived to find a 36-year-old male- who- according to a KCFD-EMS crew- had been "stabbed seven (7) times" over his middle to upper body.

Oddly- or rather fortunately for the victim- the paramedic's description of the man's wounds didn't indicate his condition to be life-threatening.

Didn't hear if any suspects were taken into police custody at the scene.

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Anonymous said...

The attack took place outside the Royale Inn on 600 Paseo Blvd. The 33 yr old victim who had been reported missing is in ICU in critical condition. He was attacked (beaten and stabbed multiple times) by 3 men outside the motel by 2 black and 1 white male. The victim ran inside for help when a resident called 911. The assailants chased him inside and continued to attack him and stab him. If you have any info. about this crime, please call KC MO police Assault squad 234-5227.