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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cesar Milan Says Pit Bulls Get a Bad Rap- and I Agree

You may know Mr. Milan from his TV show as "The Dog Whisperer..."

As an animal lover- I subscribe to Mr. Milan's mailings and this one piqued my interest.

It was about- along with another issue- pit bulls.

Groucho's niece Heather and her mate Chris introduced him to the breed in the form of two wonderful animals- females Chigger and her younger "sister" Ginger.

Chigger lived with us at the folk's house for a few years before they got a house of their own and let me tell you- if EVER there was a sweeter dog- Chigger's picture would have had to be in the dictionary next to the word.

I was with Chris and Heather when we had- due to old age and her deteriorating health- to euthanize the dear Chigger- and it was a VERY sad time.

Regardless- it is NOT the breed of dog- but how that animal is raised.

Both Chigger and Ginger were raised in loving- caring environments- and both animals responded accordingly.

I have and continue to rail against governments banning certain breeds of dogs because of uncaring- irresponsible owners

We're SUPPOSED to be smarter than that....

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Super Dave said...

As people will ruin their pets they do the same with their children.