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Friday, March 02, 2012

Henryville, Marysville Indiana "Destroyed" by A Tornado

The reports are coming both from the ASSOCIATED PRESS and Louisville TV...

Live reports are that buildings- schools and homes are damaged and destroyed by a "large tornado" that has struck that southern Indiana town about 30 miles north of Louisville.

The LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL reports that the Henryville High school was struck with "significant damage-"  but no immediate reports of injuries and the school did have students inside at the time the tornado struck....

Tornado Video near Henryville IN

Also- the ASSOCIATED PRESS is reporting the town of Marysville IN is "completely gone" after a tornado struck there.

Marysville is about 10-15 miles east-northeast of Henryville.

No immediate word of injuries or deaths from Marysville....

Also- four dead- at least one  near Henryville and the others at or near Chelsea IN- are  reported from tornadoes in southern Indiana from WHAS-TV11 in Louisville.

I am also monitoring a TV station- WKRC in Cincinnati- as the tornadic storms approach that southwestern Ohio metropolis.

Tornado Video near Borden IN..

WKRC in Cincinnati is reporting "two fatalities" in the tornado-stricken town of Holton IN..

Heavy damage and possible injuries and fatalities also reported in Moscow OH- southeast of Cincinnati on the Ohio River.

A tornado has also created significant damage near Cookson TN.

No reports of injuries or deaths from central and eastern Tennessee yet.....

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