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Thursday, March 01, 2012

CSW Weather: Another Tornado Outbreak Likely Friday

Today- March 1- is the start of "meteorological spring-" and Mother Nature is in on the season...

Another severe storm and tornado outbreak is forecast Friday for many of the same areas that were battered by severe storms and deadly tornadoes on Wednesday.

The NWS' Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in Norman OK predicts a "moderate risk" for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes tomorrow for parts of the Ohio and Tennessee River valleys.

Later today- there is a "slight risk" for the same conditions over southern and southeastern Missouri as well as northern and northeastern Arkansas.

There- storms shouldn't be as intense as early Wednesday's- but there is still a risk for tornadoes.

A few thunderstorms are possible in the Kansas City Metro and MetroRegion- but none are forecast to be severe.

The Friday risk will be more pronounced.

The SPC says Friday's storms will produce "at least a few wind events at or above (70 mph) and long-track- significant tornadoes."

People living in areas from southwestern Missouri- northwest Arkansas east and northeast toward Columbus Ohio to Birmingham Alabama should stay on top of the weather forecasts and current conditions- and prepare NOW for a forecasted severe weather outbreak beginning early and lasting much of Friday.

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