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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Annual Complaints About The Kansas City Marathon

On the K.C. STAR's Webpage this morning is a story about how KC-MO Police dispatchers were "being  bombarded" by calls from people complaining about the streets closed because of the marathon.

An 11 a.m. check of the KSHB Action News desk indicates otherwise.

Editor Caroline Rooney told CSW "there were no calls" of people complaining of any inconvenience because of the marathon.

Ms. Rooney also reminded CSW that "people complain every year" about the street closures and that KSHB had "been (showing) route maps of the race all week" on the station's numerous newscasts.

There were "a couple of calls" thanking KSHB for their live coverage of the Kansas City Marathon that began in the Crown Center district at 7:30 a.m.- Ms. Rooney added.

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