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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Corporate Welfare Sought For Proposed Olathe KS Soccer Complex

It seems I'm reporting on these things AT LEAST once a week- wealthy developers seeking tax breaks for their projects around Metro Kansas City.

This is the SECOND request for corporate welfare presented to Olathe's elected officials in less than a month!

The latest begging comes from a developer who wants to build a soccer complex off of K-10 and Ridgeview- according to the story in The KANSAS CITY (MO) STAR.

Of course the developer- Global Connections- has all these rosy earnings projections for their project- as did developers of Kansas City's Power & Light District- which COSTS K.C. taxpayers $10 to 15-million per year of cash subsidies to stay open.

Note that this latest request for rich-people welfare comes after a proposal to develop a hotel and another eatery near the VERY successful retail development at 119th Street and I-35.

When and where does all of this corporate welfare END????


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