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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Walmart Awarded "Business Blunder Of The Year" For Firing Wichita KS Employee

I don't know who or what firm does PR for Walmart- but whoever it is I'm sure has their hands full issuing spinning press releases...

Recall the story of Heather Ravenstein? She's the one fired by a Wichita Walmart for confronting a guy who was stealing a computer last May from the store where Heather worked.

Ms Ravenstein has landed on her feet- according to this story from The WICHITA (KS) EAGLE- but Walmart's actions landed them on CBS' "Business Blunders of the Year" list as Number 1.

Heh- CBS must have missed the Glenn Stevens story- where Walmart accused an innocent man of thefts from a number of Central States Walmart stores.

That got us shopping elsewhere.


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