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Saturday, January 08, 2011

CSW WEATHER: Bands of Snow Across Metro Kansas City

By Doppler weather radar and visual observations- snow showers and bands of snow- sometimes of moderate intensity- are moving from north-northeast to south over Metro Kansas City during the past 2 hours.

The heaviest snow has been in a narrow area situated generally along and either side of the state line south of 75th Street.

These Overland Park Traffic Department traffic camera screen caps show the camera atop the Sheraton Hotel near I-435 and Lamar in OP- and how visibilities have risen and lowered in these more moderate-snowfall rate snow showers.

So far- there's been no reports of traffic crashes on slickened roadways in those areas- and the snowfall should slacken during the next hour or two ... until the main show begins later Sunday.


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