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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

CSW WEATHER: MetroRegion Kansas City Goes Into The Deep-Freeze Next Week

Not only that- but an icy mix of precipitation will precede the Arctic air mass that's forecast to settle over the entire length of America's Central States beyond the Gulf Coast by next week's end.

The first image shown is a GFS weather model depiction of a possible scenario by noon this Sunday- showing the 850 millibar 0° Celsius (32°F)temperature line just south of Kansas City- with the green shading indicating the precipitation that may begin as early as midnight Sunday morning.

That precipitation- which could be freezing rain- sleet and/or snow is forecast to continue into next Monday.

This could well mean Metro K.C. is in for our heaviest snow yet this Winter of 2010-11.

By midweek- much-below average temperatures will overspread the entire Central States and by late week- the 0° Celsius (32°F)temperature line shows on the GFS model (2nd image) to be south of the Texas Gulf coast.

Of course as any weather enthusiast knows- "new data is in" all the time- so the forecast could improve as we get closer to the weekend or it could get worse.

Stay tuned....

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