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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

K.C. STAR Feature on Dwindling Conventions Doesn't Touch Convention Hotel Issue

I read- with amazement- the story in this morning's KANSAS CITY STAR written by Lynn Horsley about the dwindling shows and conventions at Bartle Hall and other KC-MO venues like Municipal Auditorium and the forgotten but still subsidized Kemper Arena.

I was amazed by what Ms. Horsley left OUT of the story- the 1000-room white elephant known as that controversial proposed convention hotel!

Ms. Horsley's  story itself basically confirms what I and many anti-taxpayer-subsidy wonks have been saying:
In a down economy- trade shows and conventions are the first to get downsized or the axe.

Putting hard-to-come-by taxpayer dollars- further threatened by repeal of that insidious "Earnings Tax-" into ANOTHER downtown hotel or virtually ANY taxpayer welfare project for corporations is not only folly- but flat irresponsible these days.

Today's STAR story would have made a perfect platform to bring up that fact- but then again I forget that Kansas City's lone and corporately-owned newspaper hasn't met a tax increase or a corporate-welfare project it didn't like.

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