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Thursday, January 06, 2011

CSW Commentary: Why Aren't Names AND Charges Against KC-KS Cops Made Public?

I mean come-on- why is there no citizen outrage over this???!

If you and I are "charged" for breaking the law- the police departments can and will release our names- mugshots- and every detail about us but our pets' names.

And of course- our so-called "free press" is hard on those authorities (not) to release those names and charges- since those very "charged" people are IN THE PUBLIC TRUST and carry a GREAT deal of authority over citizens.

It's too bad we didn't win the Mega-Millions jackpot- because I had an island picked out in the middle of nowhere where Ms. Rittenhouse and I could spend the remaining days in REAL freedom and "the pursuit of happiness."  

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