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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Did "Most" ANYBODY Speak to Republicrat Eric Cantor About Health Care?

The following is Reason 879 why I select other than Republicrats- and Demoblicans- on Election Days...

In an Associated Press story via the KANSAS CITY STAR- House Majority Leader Eric Cantor reportedly flapping his gums on a TV morning show said "most Americans don't like the health care bill...."

Funny- I've emailed and called around to family and friends to see if Cantor talked to them about the health care bill.

None so far have- many question if Cantor himself has even read the damn thing and all said if they hear from ANY politician at all- it's a robo-call at election time.

In a weak defense of Republicrat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor- "most" (myself included)- do NOT like the part of the health care bill that would FINE people who don't care to sign-up for it- but ALL agree we need SOMETHING to be done in regard to bankrupting medical care.

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