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Sunday, January 02, 2011

CSW SPORTS: Chiefs Give Sneak Preview of Playoff Game

Hey Chiefs fan- can you say one and out?

That's going to be the forecast for next week's game after today's terrible performance at 1 Arrowhead Way.

The Chiefs looked to be in early-season (losing) form as the Oakland Raiders stomped all over the Arrowheaders 31 to 10.

Some fans blame a departing coach- but I didn't see Charlie Weis play one down of NFL football all season- that why "fans" is short for the word "fanatic."

We USED to say "Come on Royals" after crappy Chiefs seasons- but I haven't heard that expression used around this burg since the Royal's REAL owner Ewing Kauffman died in the 1990's.



the observer said...


As a lifelong New York Giants fan, I know how to take things as they come. I'll be rooting them on next week but I won't be terribly surprised at a loss.

Have to look better than today tho. :-P

The Observer

Groucho K. Marx said...

I'd have thought you being a Vermont native that you'd be a Patriots fan T.O.!

Regardless- it doesn't ruin my day anymore when the corporate locals lose- far more things bother me like the homicide rate- etc..

I shall concede that one sporting passion I retain is KU basketball.

But even then on the rare occasions when the J'Hawks lose it doesn't ruin my day whatsoever.

I guess all that comes with the territory when one is pushing 60.... ;)

Happy New Year to ya T.O.!