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Thursday, January 06, 2011

More American Troops To Be Put in Harms Way in Afghanistan

Those in charge just can't resist wasting America's resources- and I'm not talking dollar bills but our youth...

It's announced that in the coming weeks- 1400 more Americans in the form of U.S. Marines will be sent to that wasteful Hellhole known as Afghanistan.

Like departing President Dwight Eisenhower said in 1960- beware of the American military-industrial complex.

We didn't listen then and we ignore the fact the Soviet Union couldn't win in Afghanistan when they were there in the early 1980's (remember that- when AMERICA furnished the Taliban weaponry to fight the Russians?).

We ignore the fact that the Vietnam Folly wasted more than 58000 American and countless Vietnamese lives.

History is boring it seems- Americans either have a short attention span or just plain don't give a shit if it's not knocking down their own front door- and these senseless- accomplish-nothing wars will be the Death of America..

By the way- where IS Bin Laden???????????

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