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Monday, December 20, 2010

Versailles "LEADER-STATESMAN" Photo- Outgoing Prosecuting Attorney Marvin Opie Stuffs His Face

Take a GOOD look at the man in the photo- if you're ever unfortunate enough to SEE this man loding his plate (no doubt with food purchased at Walmart)- AVOID HIM AT ALL COSTS ... like the cost of your freedom.

He's one of Morgan county's "horses(asses)" that tried to convict an innocent man- Raymore's Glenn Stevens (you certainly MUST know Mr. Stevens' story by now) of thieving items from Walmart.

Yeah- THAT Walmart- who STILL hasn't told the Stevens family that they're sorry for their (too-obvious) mistake of fingering the wrong man.

Innocent people EVERYWHERE should be glad this piece of work- known as Morgan County MO "Prosecuting Attorney Marvin Opie" is leaving office.

And residents of Versailles and Morgan county should be glad there are other newspapers in their region that they can subscribe to for ACTUAL news.

To my knowledge reading them for the past month- the so-called "LEADER-STATESMAN" has NEVER publicized Glenn Stevens' story and the role their shoddy county officials had in trying to convict an innocent man.

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