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Friday, December 24, 2010

Central States News: More than 1 Year- Omaha Family Still Missing and Police With Few Clues

Other news in the real world...

A Brazilian family living in Omaha simply disappeared from the face of the Earth on December 17- 2009.

Vanderlei Szczepanik- a carpenter- his wife Jacqueline and their 7-year-old son Christopher haven't been seen since- although 2 of their vehicles were found abandoned in Metro Omaha in the week after the family went missing.

Also- 3 Brazilian men are going to court in January 2011 for using the Szczepanik's "stolen" credit cards early this year.

Those three had not been charged with the Szczepanik family disappearance- stated the Associated Press story from The LINCOLN (NE) JOURNAL-STAR.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like we found the body of the baby..TWO YEARS LATER.

-The 3 men should have been charged or atleast investigated. America is now getting to lazy to do their jobs. It is to sad.