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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

INDEPENDENCE (BS-GV) EXAMINER: "Survey" Says- Residents Will To Raise The Sales Tax

The proposed increase in the Independence sales tax- a "quarter-cent increase-" would go for more police officers.

The EXAMINER did not post the actual survey questions posed to those polled nor the numbers for each question asked.

First of all- in these early 21st Century days of prolific cell phone ownership- I question the validity of telephone surveys- which do NOT poll cell phone numbers.

Many residents- particularly under the age of 50- eschew landlines for their cell phones.

Most of the owners of landlines these days are older folks- who tend to approve any and every tax increase peddled to them by their politicians because those older folk perceive (watching TV newscasts all the time) that crime is rampant in their city.

Secondly- Independence residents VOTED DOWN such an increase in sales taxes for more police in August of 2009 and- as far as I can see- the economy hasn't improved that much if at all.

Thirdly- how do Independence residents- or for that matter residents of most larger cities- know that what police officers they DO have are being used and/or deployed most efficiently?

For example- whenever the IPD chases say a shoplifter or a speeder who refuses to stop for them into KC-MO- at least three to half a dozen IPD cars tag along.

Can't very well keep Indy crime down when they're over here endangering pedestrians and other motorists with their non-felony-crime pursuits- can they?

Maybe Independence MO does need more cops and maybe Independence residents got raises or maybe another job this year to pay that new "proposed" sales tax increase.

Maybe there's a Tooth Fairy and an Easter Bunny too.

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