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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Did Anyone Hear Singing- See Dancing During Last April's Plaza "Flash Mob?"

Yesterday- the Galleria Mall (hit by a big fire in October that caused tens of millions of dollars in damage) near Sacremento CA was also hit by a reported 5000 members of "a flash mob."

The "flash mob" was there to sing Christmas carols- and so many showed up that for a time- the public and officials though the mall itself had been structurally damaged.

According to this screen capture image from the Associated Press story on the incident- there is a new definition of the term 'flash mob."

Last April- a reported "flash mob" caused a number of disturbances on the Country Club Plaza here in Kansas City.

Did any of you unfortunate enough to be in the middle of that so-called mob on The Plaza hear any singing?


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