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Monday, December 20, 2010

Condolences and An Apology To Family- Friends Of "Doctor Bob" Robert D. Meyer

I read the obituary of Dr. Robert D. Meyer in Sunday's KANSAS CITY STAR and realized not only was this a tragic loss for Dr. Meyer's family and friends- but a loss for our community as well.

"Doctor Bob" and myself not only shared the same surname- but we were only 6 months apart in age.  We also shared many of the same interests it appeared.

I also saw where Dr. Meyer married in September- and is my nature- I feel very sad for his wife "Terry" as well as his son and stepsons and other family- "extended family" and his no doubt many friends- and I extend my deepest and most sincere condolences.

I also must take this time to apologize for posting of Dr. Meyer's death so soon last Friday- probably before the family was "properly" notified by authorities.

In 99.9% of the stories where I hear of victim's names- I do not post them until much more time has passed and the name is public information in other news media sources.

Although no one has contacted me to complain- PLEASE accept my apology- as I truly regret if my actions caused any pain to those who knew and loved who sounded like a great man- Dr. Robert D. Meyer.

Shalom... Doctor Bob. 

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