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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CSW WEATHER: Freezing Precipitation- Snow Likely Christmas Eve

I've examined weather models closely over the past 2 days' runs (there are 4 model runs every 24 hour period)- and I've come to the conclusion that Christmas Eve weather over Metro- and much of MetroRegion Kansas City will be quite messy...

It looks like a possible mix of rain and/or freezing rain and sleet (ice pellets) could begin as early as Thursday evening- then turn possibly to all snow by dawn Friday or Christmas Eve morning.

It's too early right now to tell exactly how much ice or snow will fall on us- but there could easily be several inches of the freezy skid stuff by midnight Christmas Day.

I'll be posting any and all NWS winter storm watches- warnings and/or advisories here at CSW as soon as they are issued- so get ready for this VERY rare 2nd White Christmas in a row.

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