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Friday, December 24, 2010

CSW BREAKING: MetroRegion Interstates Blocked- Slowed By Vehicle Crashes

There are 2 significant crashes on MetroRegion Interstates (see- click-on map image)- one on northbound I-29 in far southern Buchanan county and another on eastbound I-70 near Odessa.

The first was the I-29 crash- a reported "car" crashed into "a jack-knifed semi truck" at 10:09 a.m.- just south of the Mile 35 Faucett exit on northbound I-29- just north of the Platte county line.

Units on scene report "the roads are slick" and "blocked" at that wreck scene- with yet no number and extent of injuries.

The other crash involves at least 2 vehicles on eastbound I-70 in Lafayette county near Odessa.

Again- no injury reports yet- but the Interstates will be slowed if not blocked there.

Another band of moderate snow is moving into Metro Kansas City from the west- and will overspread the area over the next hour or two.

Temperatures here in south KC-MO are still several degrees above freezing.

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