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Monday, December 20, 2010

K.C. MetroRegion News: Marshall MO Police Officer Injured Rescuing Citizen From A Fire

The MARSHALL (MO) DEMOCRAT-NEWS reports that a Marshall police officer was injured when he rescued a citizen from a burning residence in that Saline county city early Monday morning.

Officer Ryan Stark and another Marshall policeman had responded to the fire alarm in the 300 block of South Grant and saw flames inside the house.

Officers Stark and James Mongar first tried the front door to access the person still inside- but  were beat-back by smoke and fire. The officers then went to a window of the room where the resident was and broke out the window- entered- and rescued the resident- who was alo injured.

Mr. Stark suffered non life-threatening cuts to his hand- both he and the resident- whose condition was not stated- were transported to Fitzgibbon Hospital in Marshall.

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