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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CSW's Staff Will "Study" KC-MO's Need For "Commuter Rail and a Downtown Street Car Line" for Only $75000

The KANSAS CITY STAR announced today that KC-MO was awarded $1.8- million to "study commuter rail and a downtown street car line."

You can count on that ENTIRE $1.8-million getting ate-up in such a study if it's awarded to firms with political ties and such OR...

We at CSW offer to do that SAME study for a mere pittance- ONLY $75000!

What are our qualifications you ask?

1. Both myself and Ms. Rittenhouse were public transit users for many years in our youth- even into our early adulthood.

2. We're both lifelong residents of Metro Kansas City.

3. I'm real good with maps- surveys- and the like needed to "study" such a proposal.  Hell- I already have a few good- realistic ideas for commuter rail.

4. Our overhead is REALLY- REALLY low- whatever equipment we MIGHT need for such a "study" would be taken care of with $75k- we even know artists who could paint-up some pretty renderings well within our $75k budget.

5. We'd deal with the "study" in realistic terms- not pie-in-the-sky 'Clay Chastain' or like "study" versions of public transit by rail inside KC-MO.

6. Actual time spent would be billed ONLY at a more-reasonable rate of- say- $50 per hour- and- are you ready for this- WHAT WE DON'T NEED OF THAT $75k WE'D REFUND.

Yes- that's right- REFUND what we don't use/need.

Imagine- the powers-that-be would still have AT LEAST $1.725-million left of the $1.8m total amount to actually BUILD that "studied" commuter rail and street car line.

We can be reached at if the city is REALLY interested.... 

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